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The Alternative Ways To Enjoy Puerto Galera

   I wasn’t yet attached to any micro blogging sites long time ago, but I’ve been engaged in many local travels way back then, and one of those was the Puerto Galera trip. My old days were basically stuck in my photographic memory. And now is my chance to post about it as I came back here after a decade gap.


White Beach.

   Long time ago (if I’m not mistaken, exactly ten years ago) I’ve been in Puerto Galera with my old buddies. We just took simple and plain vacation then in today’s one of most popular tourist destination during Summer season in the Philippines. We just checked-in somewhere in White Beach area (I forgot the name of the hotel) and had some chill moment during night party. Our itineraries then were just eat, sleep, swim and drink ’til we drop. It was considered to be an awesome experience during those days as the place was not too crowded. Seeing this Boracay-duplicate nowadays proved me that it is already in to a mainstream level as it transforms continuously to invite local and foreign tourists. From rising of different hotels and resorts to growing number of islands and nature trips to explore, it is indeed a beautiful place to visit.

2   When Puerto Galera is being mentioned by anyone, the things that enter to my mind are White Beach, night party and different resto in the seashore with beautiful view of the peaceful sea waves (almost similar to Boracay). But this time around, you may experience Puerto Galera trip in many ways. Stop that pale moments of drinking and partying all day and night long. Just like any other island itineraries, you could have an outdoor exploration in this place beyond that being stagnant to that White Beach area.

3    You may explore the beautiful Puerto Galera by doing these things; island hopping, beach hopping and picnics, scuba diving, snorkeling, under water cave adventure, mud karting, ATV rides, paintball, zipline, kayaking, jungle and swamp trekking and many more.

4  Also, you must try beyond the traditional way of checking-in along White Beach area, explore other hotels and resorts in the nearby area. There are many affordable hotels and resorts in Puerto Galera with different amenities like swimming pool, billiards, beach volley etc. In our case, we checked-in at El Canonero Diving Beach Resort managed by Italian professional diving instructor, PADI. The resort was so relaxing as it is located at the beach front along Talipanan (10 to 13-minute tricycle ride from the White Beach). 


Welcome view of the resort.



at the Italian restaurant.


Swimming pool of the resort.

      The location of this resort is so relaxing, not so crowded and their visitors are mostly foreign tourists. I dunno with other rooms, but the room we got was not that good. The aircon was not properly operational that made our room temperature not sufficiently cooled-down.

* * * * *

El Canonero Diving Beach Resort Rating (with 5-stars as the highest):

Room: ★★

Service: ★★★

Location: ★★★★

Amenities: ★★★★

Overall: ★★★★  

* * * * *

   There are lots of resorts and hotels in the nearby area as well as different outdoor activities that the tourists must try and do. Just explore the place and it’s a good thing to experience. Lastly, don’t you ever miss to experience the Puerto Galera specialty drink, Mindoro Sling (a rhum-mixed cocktail) during acitivity break at a happy night.


Mindoro Sling tower.


Picture taken at the veranda of Luca Cusina Italiana.


groupie at the island shore 🙂

   Overall, my fiance, our friends and I had so much fun and realized that there are many ways to enjoy Puerto Galera alternatively other than staying in White Beach area just to party, drink, dance and swim which you could also do in Manila.



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