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Lawiswis Kawayan Garden Resort and Spa

lawis In a small barrio after crossing a  long narrow road from the highway of Calumpit, Bulacan comes  a surprisingly charming welcome of a relaxing scenery, Lawiswis Kawayan Garden Resort and Spa. If you are looking for a unique spa experience within the vicinity that surrounded by trees and gardens with mere sound of humming birds in the afternoon and crickets by night, Lawiswis Kawayan is the place to be. It is such truly simple but delightful experience you will feel on this one of a kind in the planet. There are lot of options in availing there service packages that vary rates posted on their website. Thus, it includes usage their swimming pool, function hall, spa room, canteen, also have rates for couples and even day-time conference package rate. Me and my travel buddy, Joanne, once again merged our curiosity that brought us to explore this wonderful unique spa in Bulacan and we had a blast.

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How to get there in Lawiswis Kawayan Garden Resot and Spa?

The resort is located at 402 Brgy. Bugion, Calumpit, Bulacan, PH.

via Private vehicle;

   In this case, we headed to north thru our owned vehicle. From NLEX, you have to exit the Tabang toll gate and drive towards Calumpit which you will be going to pass thru Malolos City. Estimated 15 to 20-minute drive from Tabang toll gate, you will be approaching a small police and fire station on the left side that is a landmark which is infront of the street corner of Brgy. San Marcos entrance on the right which has a huge poster ad of Lawiswis Resort. Turn right on that Brgy. San Marcos entrance, have a patience in passing that residential narrow street and for about 12-kilometer drive, you will see the resort gate on left.

via Public vehicle;

   You have to ride a UV Express van at Cubao Edsa terminal beside Baliwag Transit that will head to Malolos, Bulacan. Once you dropped-off the Malolos terminal, take a ride via jeepney along the terminal side heading towards Calumpit. Along the trip, you will be approaching a small police and fire station on the left side that is a landmark which is infront of the street corner of Brgy. San Marcos entrance on the right which has a huge poster ad of Lawiswis Resort. Take a tricycle ride on that street corner and tell the driver the resort.

Lawiswis Kawayan Resort and Spa Grade (with 5-stars as the highest)


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seat like a boss!


my beautiful travel buddy

    When we arrived the resort in the early morning, the environment was a bit surprising. Though it was so peaceful and quiet, yet we noticed some untied cables, dismantled lighting, cut plywood and other unnecessary things scattered everywhere. To found out that some TV reality show shoot their series in this resort for about six-months. And the time that we came in to this resort was the last day of dismantling and pulling-out of their props, electrical wirings, CCTV cameras etc. And so,  we were only the exclusive customers during that day since that was the last day of stay reality show technical staff. We immediately approached the receptionist regarding on the availability of the room and their amenities. We waited so long before they provide us our room accommodation, i dunno what they exactly did since we are the only customers in the resort and took so long for waiting despite of numbers of available rooms they have. We walked around and observed the scenery, it was peaceful but quite disturbing and awkward due to dismantling and pulling-out work of the tv staff while you’re having a relaxation. We still manage to relaxed since we were already there. 2-hours before lunchtime we already spoke the resort staff regarding on the available meal to order since we didn’t bring anything for lunch. They gave us only three meals available to choose from (grilled pork, breaded pork chop and  fried chicken). Later, they informed us that from three, only two were available (no fried chicken). While waiting for lunch time, we had a chance to took some photos of the beautiful resort scenes and us as well. We didn’t noticed the time spent so quickly because of lots crazy story telling we have. And so, it was 1230H a time to eat lunch, but believe it or not, for the past 2-hours of advising them regarding on our meal order, it was still in-cooking process, damn! I was concluding that they have a slow and poor services in entertaining their customers considering the fact that we are the only customers in the resort, so what more on peak season?!


Grilled Pork and Breaded Pork Chop with hot Sinegang soup


spotted Biggest Loser Logo


Spa room

   After we digested our food in our stomach, we took nap for a few hours then back on track thru their swimming pool. After a couple of hours of swimming, we dried ourselves to try their spa. We were surprised that the staffs we approached for our room accommodation and meal order were also the staffs who will serve us for spa (few staff isn’t it?). Their spa rooms are quite small, and we learned that it was used as an office during the tv show taping. It’s kinda awkward when a person who will give you a body massage is a gay (you know what i mean). Yeah! you read it right, a gay therapist served me with a whole body massage (no other staff will gonna do so, except on the therapist assigned to my girlfriend). But anyway, as what the resort informed us, they have accredited and certified therapists to do this such massage and that’s what  only stuck to my head, no malice. During the spa session, just like any other therapists, the one who took me a whole body massage is an experienced one. He has a good touched towards my cold nerves at body muscle. Overall, it was a great experience anyway. So if you like to have some relaxation with some kind of different spa experience, this is highly recommended for family, lovers and group of friends.

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