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Paul William Walker IV


     Sunday morning of Dec. 01, 2013 (Manila time), I was shocked about what have had happened. On this tragic day that brought the world of automotives, car clubs and enthusiasts around the globe  to a mourning moment, knowing that the president and CEO of Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW) and a protagonist actor best known for his film series, Fast and Furious. Paul William Walker IV, his complete name in real life whose aged 40, died on a car crash incident in Valencia, Santa Carlita, California. Based on the reports, Paul left from a charity event (a car show for a cause for the benefit of the victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines) of his organized, ROWW, before fatal accident occurred. Together with his close friend, Roger Rodas, a former car racing champion and a CEO of Always Evolving Performance Motors, were leaving the event venue and were riding in a 2005 red Porsche Carrera GT when the sports car flew off the road and slammed into a tree in Santa Clarita, authorities and witnesses said. The car burst into flames.


          My heart felt broken after knowing this tragic accident. Paul is a great guy with a big heart, before he left us, he thought of helping  others whose in needs. A quote which reminding of me, “the good die young”. Yeah, it really does. Paul Walker aka Brian O’Conner is one of my biggest influences in life. I never missed a single Fast and Furious movie series. He taught me the real value of family and friends. He taught me the proper handling of SW and by heart how the engine works. FF series will never be the same without him. He will be missed, gone but never be forgotten. He will truly be in our hearts, his legacy will live on. RIP Paul Walker.


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