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Ghost Caught on CCTV?

GHOST CAUGHT ON CCTV (click here)!!!


 It was rainy Tuesday evening (Oct. 01, 2013) when our team conducting CCTV camera rectification in Meralco Business Center at Sta Cruz, Laguna as part of our clearing work after acceptance test. This business center is a preserved ancestral office building with an old  structural design and architectural facade built during early years of 19th century as per security in charge. No wonder that numbers of unexplained events within the vicinity of this establishment occur during nigh-time according to the Meralco employees.

   Do try to look at this video, on the upper-right of the screen, you can see a person in red shirt sitting in the orange chair (that’s our technician, Rolly). At CCTV video time of 19:47:39, you can see a black shadow image that trying to pass by along the open door (note: take a closer look on the open door near the orange chair). Then suddenly, a white image appeared on that same door and see what happens next…

   During this thing had happened, I was just standing nearly one-step to that door (though my presence wasn’t seen in this video coz’ I was in the otherside corner) when I heard a squeaky sound and noticed that the door was already changed its position like someone was trying to closed it by little. And so I decided to play-back the CCTV NVR in the server room to checked what was really going on ‘coz honestly I felt something, and that was it! I observed something strange in the video caught by our CCTV camera. And I immediately told this thingy to my workmates and client, Meralco, after I reviewed this creepy video. This is not my first time encounter with someone or something, I did even experienced catching up some eerie videos and photos, but t’was first time happened to me especially on dealing with these CCTV cameras and so I used to learned the value of it. Maybe that creature wanted to test the quality of our product during that time LoL.


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