The Explorer

Fast and Furious: The Arabian Style

     I’m not a professional experienced driver in the Philippines, but there are guts and fearless urge characters in every man’s heart, and so be it. When my feet touched down the land of gold sand kingdom, I was totally surprised with the eerie nature of the power steering, drifting wheel and luxurious set-up of every car  I saw. And I was stoked! FJ here, Camaro there, Mustang everywhere and plus gigantic SUV trucks such as Seqouia, Avalanche, Silverado and many more. I feel like shouting whoah just like an alien that was eaten by a titanic ignorance because of the amazing road scenery in my surrounding. I remember the movie of my idol Paul Walker, Fast and Furious, the road is at glance because of the expensive and speedy street cars.

     And I am in a reality now, seeing the 200kph speed of those suicidal arab drivers with their expensive but for thrash life vehicle. I could definitely say, that it’s still safer to drive a vehicle in my home-land than in the country of second-life belief Arabia. It is where you can find all vehicles are in the minimum of 140kph speed in the road, drifting upon turning the corners, crossing the streets swiftly even such traffic light is flashing red etzeteras etzeteras. Think twice if you’re going to acquire driver’s license in this islamic land. Once you are already in a seat to drive on a vehicle, the other foot of yours is already in a grave hole reserving with the attachments of the killer highways and street roads.

As part of my job, my company issued me a service vehicle under my name to be used in work related travel and of course for my personal engagement as well. I had my Toyota HiLux driving in the last four months but I was issued the replacement of Ford Ranger, both are 4-wheel drive. At first, I was totally shocked with the behaviour of the road as I’m already the pilot of my own vehicle. Seeing the road during my first stay in the kingdom was a surprised to me but being the actual driver on my own street machine is such a different story then. Often I see totally wrecked vehicles in the roadside due to accidents wherever I go, worst often I saw casualties laid down in the accident area with the whole body was being covered by a blanket (fatality). But over a year, I’m already immunized by the daily routines of the hecky road. I already adapt their attitude and so as I, but my faith is always there whenever my foot started to push down the accelerator on a certain speed. 

my trail blazer ride at my backImage

Whoa! Unconsciously I’m into it. And still kicking for more! 🙂Image

My friends don’t even care such any trafficImage



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