The Explorer

Puerto Princesa, Palawan


     Summer season was out and hence a time to boost ourselves to burst out our drought feeling towards outdoor hangout since we didn’t force ourselves to go with the flow during summer peak season. And so we had a chance to book a flight going to Puerto Princesa, Palawan thru Philippine Airlines last Feb. 28, 2011 for scheduled trip of July 01-04, 2011. As we scheduled our planned vacation, I myself immediately surfed the net and searched for the best tour package that is affordable to our pockets. At first, I was surprised on what I’ve seen on the net because most of the tour packages that were being posted by different travel agencies were very expensive and I don’t think we won’t enjoy that much with that kind of high cost quotations. And so I continue searching until I was called my attention by the link about Lucky Garden Inn (http://www.luckygardeninn.com/). I inquired some of my queries thru email as posted on their website. I got the chance to converse with Ms. Marianne Constantino (reservation officer) regarding on the details of our scheduled flight then she immediately sent back us their price quotations about their packages. Reviewing it to the nth time was not boring since this is gonna be our first air travel  together over a quite huge distance from Manila and  I  see to it that it should be worth dealing for. The package includes van transfer from airport to suite upon arrival and vice versa, free breakfast & lunch, city tour (Mitra Ranch, Baker’s Hill, etc), underground river, and island hopping in Honda Bay. The package rate that they have is so reasonable (check the rate on their website) to explore Puerto Princesa, Palawan and hence I quickly booked for our reservation.

  D’ Lucky Garden Canteen


This native canteen was so peaceful especially at night, maybe because of our off season staying hehe!


 Some of the meals we had, on the left were Sinigang na Hipon & the CPA (Chicken Pork Adobo) and on the right side were a sandwiches jam packed with veges.

    The staff of D’ Lucky Garden Inn & Suite are very accomodating, they immediately served us on our needs and I would definitely say that their services are pretty good. Our ordered menu can be eaten within the inn resto or can be served in the room or either way whichever you prefer. Please be patient to wait your order because they only cook and prepare foods for some sort of a minutes once your order has been acknowledged. Their foods are good but my only comment is that they do have only few food choices so you have only a limited orders that is only listed on the menu. So I suggest if you’re planning to visit  that suite for a long term  staying better to explore outside restos of Puerto Princesa as what we did such as Lotus Garden, Ugong Rock, Kinabusch Bar & Grill etc.

    D’ Lucky Garden have different rooms, they can accomodate different numbers of tourists/visitors though I’m not that pretty sure ‘coz I noticed there were only a counted rooms in that suite. However, we chose to  stay in a standard room. It consists of one standard bed good for two persons with highly airconditioned, clean rest rooms with a heater inside, a cable tv for entertainment plus a wifi zone to all net addicts like me hehe. The accomodation was so relaxing, peaceful at night so you can sleep and snore all time you want to lol. After a great sleep, the next day you will encounter a wake-up call from the staff and its a sign for you to prepare on the day iteneraries.

Grades (five smileys as the highest)


Food: ☺☺☺

Services: ☺☺☺☺

Overall: ☺☺☺☺


     D’ Lucky Garden Inn & Suite was a second home to us. in Palawan. We had a shelter providing us foods and a place to stay for over three nights, on the otherhand, World Holiday Tour and Travel is the agency in charge to assist us while exploring the hot spots in Puerto Princesa. They were the one who picked us up and brought us back in the airport upon our arrival and departure in Palawan. We were accommodated thru their airconditioned van with a great driver plus a talkative licensed tour guide. Our drivers and tour guides during those times were Kuya Allan/Victor and Kuya Ralph/Max respectively. They brought us to the tourist spots in PP such as the underground river and Honda Bay (Snake Island, Pambato Reef & Starfish Island). We were amazed on the beautiful scenery of Palawan supplemented by lots of trivias and knowledge from our tour guides. Additional to that, they were also provided us a buffet lunch in the beach front. I would definitely say that we have no hassles in our Palawan trip for choosing our tour package at a reasonable price. And if I would given a second chance to visit again PP I would book for a reservation in Lucky Garden Inn/World Holiday Tour and Travel’s packages. Overall, our Puerto Princesa trip was a successful and very remarkable to us especially we flew a hundreds of miles away from a polluted Manila only by me and Joanne.



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