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God, Gold, Glory.. and a Gunshot

In a freedom country, people lives in a simple way of life along with their pride, dignity and democratic rights. Thru being a hardworking person, everything will be paid-off after all life encounters even to have such wealth and consumption for the basic needs to survive . There’s a law that prevails above all. A mandatory tax that manifests the flow of financial cycle as being part of economic transaction. A law implementer governs all of its process. Even during the old eras, tax collection was already being practiced for such people’s contributions to contribute beyond the expenses needs of the country. The money being paid is automatically goes to the government funds for proper consumption intended for the local projects. Budget is being created for estimation of nation’s priorities dedicated to health, justice, defense, education, infrastructural services etc. Only a good and responsible leader should handle this kind of responsibility for best output. It is for the benefit of everyone in the democratic country. However, 3Gs could be principle of everyone but it should be with a precautionary handling. If the devil whispers to a greedy collector, it will be surely eat himself over his pride.

corruption (1)

Gold, a weatlh item beyond anyone’s wildest dream. Everyone believes on their plans and desired way of life. Sometimes wrong moves affect other people regardless on how harm it is to other, the important thing is to get what they want in life in either correct or improper ways. Conquers all the wealth as possible!

Glory, a victory will be found after the battle but do take note that war has just began as the profound claims objected by someone. Being an instant wealthy person, act like a contrary to a good and  humble leader. Favored desirable dreams!

God, above mentioned 2Gs are not possible without power. It stands as the most influential among these Gees. Everything is possible to raise you high. Electing a leader to his desired throne is just like giving him an opportunity to control your ego and dignity. For they’re hungry, someone should die and give them way to survive. A slave killer!

…Gunshot! After all the greediness, yet still has a discontentment in life, everything still be failing. Either unintentional or planned, there’s a guilt kill. Your conscience will be your great killer. Point, click, kill to those abusive and greedy to power and wealth.


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