The Explorer

A Ghost In My Eyes

A Ghost In My Eyes

“To imprint a hollow life when unbattle is for glory!”


     When a higher level of living shadow is walking in public, seeing a fly-like mammal on his feculent costume near him, I might say that a well class individual would definitely rule him out. In a disorder manner, a sun could shine us on our daily breathing, no ask, but sometimes ignorance is shutting our eyes to kill. A big big paint of clouds swaying in the midst of air is a hindrance that may overlook over the said sunshine. On the bad side of our living once a person commits a tiny fault, possible, a giant stone would be thrown you back by the emperors of anger, lust and greedy machines of luxuries. You shall fight for your rights, for a rights that anyone couldn’t see, for a rights that’ll be nailed forever in equilibrium. When a microscopic dot blotted unto a widen sheet of life, the ink wasn’t seen but the majority color texture that covers the entire volume of suffocation memories instead. A forced tiny dot is to a good deeds as an accidentally giant fake diamond is to a prejudice and misused of trust and confidence. Poor feedback as my eyes see everything, a spacious but hollow, a food but was vanished by the ended calendar time. To dismantle the commitment we have in our lives, quitters may be lost for them to unseen the realities and chances that could be possible to give them a big break. A loser that lost everything he had for a bit ample of time he had for a worthless living. Slitting your arm wrist and lost of breath is a worst desperate act that even anyone couldn’t do for the sake of real conscience that enlightened you on a factual life. The science of taking a chemical liquid beneath our colon vigorously could attack a batallion of demons against ghost_in-mirrorour fears. They may not be understand or should I say they’re just blinded by their arrogant eyes that only favoring their lust and hunger. Above this soil we stepping into, die to die is a planning tool to survive. Hence all the horns from their heads are just swagging everyone to feed their growling intestines. No matter how large would be the amount of fatalities as far as their lungs is still absorbing those unclean dust. A little blood is tearing from my eyes, kinda dazzling from the shining loose steel of the behind stories of our enemies. Sightings have been created yet not too clear enough to understand by an ordinary and simple living cell. Why are we bothered for a senseless aim that even our soul is not happy jiving into it. We learned to gain and to lift our weights up to the fame as much as we could. However sometimes, as we crawl along the wall of trials we knew it ofcourse, yet still a big mouth of others would gun you with sharpen words due to broad but narrow mind that brought them in other life scenery together with their pride. A gigantic foot of a small retarded man could stepped you anytime he wants, but be sure that you have to enclose your plans with dignity and knowledge. All of our immediate doings has an ultimate consequences that we have to know. We are all gambling our desires for one objective that all we know is forever young in living. Even a new born angel has a darken side drawn by his/her guardian who was entrapped from evil works. A ghost might occur whenever we fall in a wrong path we’re crossing into. You would definitely say that you saw it before but you chose to be stun by the fake golden glimpse of a black coin-like. Wherever we are, whenever we path ourselves there’s always a shadow that would do as same as what we’re doing. A ghost could create a fear beneath ourselves and might kill our breathe even in our own last stand. Push thy self in a clearer vision without any disturbances of blood tearing in our eyes surface. The emperor is somewhere looking at you and maybe someday he’ll touch you and might say “hey, I’ll give you an honor but just let me in to your path first”. Tease is the art of anyone’s drama to drown you to the core of Satan’s throne. Be alert and be learn to be born in a proper dance from a given proper tune.

Revenge Revolt Regenerate

I may not be a perfect person you know ever since my presence started to occur in this mother planet. May not be even bother who I am even I’m always drawing a titanic pain in your tears. Fears constructed and taught me how to mute my ego in those silence I retrieve ever unplanned. Not for now but someday I will be heard for just being myself with my future that’ll probably speak out for me. For no one will spit me out and will take me for what I am. Perhaps I was just a loser then, fall and fall up to the nth time. Several trials made me drown six feet under by the existing lame system. But be born with zero unbattle for the life I’ve even choose!!


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