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Potipot Island 2010

Potipot Island is a tiny paradise island with approximately 7.5 hectarespatched over a gigantic surface of South China Sea, that is located in the North West Coast of Luzon, Philippine Island. It is roughly 249 Km. travel distance from Manila to reach its mainland location of the aka silent little Boracay in Brgy. Uacon, Candelaria Zambales. It’s about 3-5 minute boatride from Uacon off shore. It is uninhabited isolated place with no electricity nor even public accomodation and the likes are present. But options like camp night staying in the island with your tent etc. or simply just staying in a certain resorts in the mainland like Dawal Beach Resort, Isla Vista, Sunbloom and The Harvest could be done by the tourist/s.



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The Story Behind It!

It was about a 12 months in the making before I stepped my feet down on this tiny island hehe. Joanne (my loving partner) and I had decided to celebrate our first year anniversary in this isolated mini boracay island in Candelaria Zambales. We opted to go in Potipot Island because I was hooked by the blogs sites, travel reviews and photo galleries saying that this island is simply a Bora – like with a crystal clear, calm water with a wonderful view. And thru my posted photos, it really does.

udje castillo

joanne sigua

For me, I would definitely say that this relaxing bluish clear watery island that has firm white sand made our celebration very very romantic. Potipot island is an isolated island away from the mainland of Candelaria with a 3-5 minute boatride. We really experienced the isolation feeling with only me and her presence without any disturbances and hassles (a Manila stressed and polluted free). We had a blast doing activities like swimming, picture taking, snorkling and island exploring. Honestly during that sweetest day of my life, I feel like we own the island, just the two of us . It looks like we live in our own isolated world so far away from dramatic reality. I will never ever forget that moment we had in that peaceful mini paradise island. It’s a hassle free and so relaxing.



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