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Story of the Year (PEBRERO 2007) – my former involvement

     Pebrero was formed in the later part of January days of 2007 due to a call of urgency for a production’s post valentine gig. Fire was started by a quartet amass creatures that born from different experienced bands, namely; Ken Fabro, Mac Matito, Omeng Victorino and Udje Castillo. Storing up the blends from where they came from, and mixed up their own typical stereo type tune that includes emo, screamo and post hardcore punk influentials. On the midst of the same year, they’ve decided to attach additional member in the name of Nap Rosallosa to insert some thickness of clatter. As the name implies, this group launched their first stage act on the month of February on the mentioned year.

Pebrero’s first ever gig was happened last February 13, 2007 at Cibbony Bar in Malate Manila. They shared the floor with Daisy’s Diary with full of excitements.

+ Pebrero‘s biggest event that they joined into was the “2007 Rock Unity Fest” happened last February 15, 2007 at PUP Main. Aside from Pebrero, this rock event was also floor polished by different freaking bands that include; COG, Kneel On Nails, Bloodshed, Six Strings Samurai, Join The Club, Tomorrow Is Never Promised etc.

+ Four (4) of the gang are senior architecture students of PUP Manila. Udje is the only outcast human pulled-out by the four from the normal world to share some clatterness. Meng and Udje are neighborhood friends and hence a reason to stick his shadow with the gang.


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