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Project Samar – Leyte

-071109 0000a-

     I had a sleepless Friday night from a stressful work since I noticed the alarming time around 2 in the morning. I immediately took a shower to prepare myself on my first ever ‘barkada trip’ with my former officemates (DMPI) via air travel going to Samar-Leyte. At around 300am, despite of a huge yawn image sculpted in our mouth, we arrived in NAIA with full of excitement. Took a few pictures with a solid camwhore attitude as what others did as we wait the aboarding time hehe. Cam flashes here, cam flashes there, cam flashes anywhere like a last minute breath grabbing the time of last memories lol.


     Since this would be the first time I would spend my time with my DMPI barkadas via air transpo, every moment scenes were blast! As we prepare ourselves to check-in our luggages, we were all excited on what would be the next thing we will do as our shadows were intact to each other’s presence 🙂 All were set and ready to go after a few minutes of awaiting the travel time ,finally we’re all on-board (0630a) going down south ‘Samar – Leyte’. One hour of Zzz sounds while travelling. Sitting next to me were Chanty & Kat, we’re all fell asleep on a 5,000 feet high. After an hour of air flying with zZzZ’s, we finally stepped down our feet in the land of Tacloban City (0730a). First thing we did was still to have a pictures haha (a never ending camwhoring). We secured our owned luggages and we’re fetched by Che’s relatives in the airport. Our bags were separately put on the other vehicle since we brought so many stuffs and extra clothes for the trip. As we pass by the highway of Tacloban City bridging Samar & Leyte, I was amazed on the beautiful scenery of the country’s longest bridge, the ‘San Juanico Bridge‘. The city local authority strictly prohibiting the stoppage of any vehicle along the never ending like bridge from any doings such as taking photos and the likes and/or to prevent any accidents or traffic disturbance. Despite of Photobucketstrict implementation, the troupe yet still laughing while having photos in the beautiful ambiance and views along the bridge. No one was stopping us from our doings. Take note that we’re using three vehicle vans (convoy) plus Roan brought out her cam tripod which we used while we’re having our smiling acts and pausing haha. That’s why traffic were moving slowly with wondering in their eyes with a saying ‘what the hell is going on here’. We’re more than ten in presence landed on and have a good time in just a minute break.

     Continuing the path we had, finally after almost an hour of our ass cooking in van’s seats we reached Marabut, Samar where Che’s relatives are residing at. We took some rest from our long trip. Later, Che’s balikbayan relative and owner of our staying (hek! i forgot his name) taught us about the house rules and proper usage of jetski (unlimited ride woooh :)). PhotobucketWhile having words of reminders from our lecturer, I do really feel the damn fresh air touching my skin pores. I feel totally relax with the location scenery. Our stay-in house is located within the coral living water and is just a 200 meters walk from the main land where the main house of Che’s relatives located at.I couldn’t really explain how I felt that time while looking the relaxing surroundings. I would deifinitely say I was simply amazed and hypnotized by the location we have that time. So so relaxing feeling I got. Forget the stressful work, problem etzeteras, time to explore the down south asset and enjoy!


Itenerary for day one movement are as follow;

  • Jetski ride (with unlimited usage) we contributed some sort of drop oil expense.
  • Snorklingsince some of us failed to bring any water activity costume, we’d just borrowed some from our good friends in order for us to experience the excitement as we trying to figure out the under scenery hehe.
  • Kayaking – hell yeah, I feel like I’m one of the Philippine Dragon Team, a batallion driver of huge dragon kayak ride ehehe). Exploring the water ride with manual movement thru our mascular nerves, watta experience :) .
  • Food tripping – we fueled our stomach with a some sort of healthy diet, bunch of seafoods, green tea, liempo (awts), etc etc.
  • Drinking Marathon – after having the foods we ate processed by our inner machine, we took time to drink El Hombre Tequilla with chaser Coke and pika-pika pulutan. Well if I’m not mistaken but I think around more than 7 bottles of tequilla drinks we used to empty that night, while the air breeze passes by we had a great time for story telling, open forum and sharing of thoughts, it’s our bonding anyway.
  • Videoke Galore – yeah yeah yeah, no alcohol if no singing act involved in the story, so it was.


Knowing the house rules and regulations to follow



Roan in her smile while Oli got some hitch on scene behind



Do the Kayak locomotion!!



Chilling time with the microphone and alcohol




Blast of do’s were still in strike for day movement 2;

  • Foodtrippin’ in a floating resto good food, good music plus a sippin’ coco juice while crossing the long Basey River.
  • Hopping the Basey River – crossing the lenth of river view with side to side shores got a big wow from us. Looking those wonderful sceneries while digesting our intakes, and it seems like that the local residents are welcoming us as we saw their perfect smiles from their faces.
  • Cave Trekking – this activity was one of the most weary acts that we’ve done over the weekends. We just walked and walked thru their aerial bridge that is attached on the side of rocky mountain before we destined the Sohoton Cave proper. This trip was kinda educational due to its miniature and other places or objects replicas existencies inside.
  • Non-Stop Photo Galore – after a long long sidetrip nearby and even farby distance spots, our cams still on the action he he he.


Coco in floating resto :)



Basey River


The gang in the bat cave lol


Camwhoring moments



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